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In our bar, signature coctail and foreign spirits are served with mixologist. Our bar serves as an extra between 20.00 – 02.00 hours.

 Disco BAR

Our hotel’s night club is located on the pier in the sea. It is open from 24:00 until 03:00. Ultra all-inclusive drinks are served free of charge to our guests.

Dream BAR

Our bar located on the square floor of our hotel is the busiest bar especially in the evening. In our bar, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products are served in ultra all-inclusive concept. Opened at 10:00, the bar serves our guests sunbathing in the pool area during the day, while our animation team organizes events in the dream bar area every evening. On some days of the week you will not leave our hotel without stopping by our bar where live music or karaoke and entertainment are at its peak. In the evening, all drinks are served to the table with snacks and popcorn in our bar.

Lobby BAR

Our bar is open 24 hours with all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Our bar is located on the reception floor of the hotel. After 24:00, our bar offers a snack sandwich, dessert and fruit.

Beach BAR

Our bar is located on the seafront, all hot and cold, alcoholic and soft drinks are served all ultra all inclusive. Our bar is open between 10.00 and 18.00. Do not miss the 16:00 17:00 ars day of fruit or boiled corn served.

Aqua BAR

Located between Aqua Park and Infinity Pool, our bar serves all hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic all-inclusive drinks. Our bar is open between 10.00 and 18.00. 16:00 17:00 Do not miss the fruit of the day or the boiled corn service.

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